The Name “AMIWAYS” – “Ami – אמי“ (In Hebrew language ) means “My Mother , My people, trustworthy, Honesty etc” .   “Ways” an English word means  “Habits, conducts, customs, means etc”That’s why the website name ‘AMIWAYS’ stands for Honest ways / trustworthy conducts etc.

This website motivated to promote sustainable living utilities. Honestly this website will reach a place were the world will learn how to leave a sustainable and content life. This website is commit to promote necessary things, which will help human beings in ethical, Natural living.

We at AMIWAYS knows human beings consolidated of ‘Body, Mind & Soul’.

we promote things which are necessary for Human Body, which will be sustainable, earthy, ethical & Natural. Like Food, Cloths, stationaries which are with out plastic or unsustainable presence.

We promote things which are necessary for Human Mind. That will help human minds to harvest Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.

We promote things which is necessary for Human Souls. We at AMIWAYS believe human beings are created by God, and it’s soul is a breath from God. And always God the creator wants to restore the souls back to Him in its purest form. We do promote the Honest Ways to restore human souls to become whole with all integrity.

If any commercials raised will be 100% reinvest in the Human restoration. Like Individual, family and village restorations.