The AMIWAYS is a nonprofit organization. Introducing the  path of transformation, towards regeneration of the Natural life in this universe.

We saw a deep need for the integration of both spirituality and universe—the two are inseparable. Because the creator the Great Spirit created this universe to fulfill HIS great purpose. We at AMIWAYS believe that the God who created this world in its cream potential. The highest potential of this universe we understand is its own regeneration capacity. Like human skin if some cuts or wounds happens it will restore its original position if its environment is natural. if a person got hurt in his spirit, the great spirit helps him or her to restore in its natural state.

Human beings got a special privilege in this world, but he forgets about the responsibility of stewardship. His crave for wealth damaged the balance of ecosystem. Distorted the balance of mental standard. Divided the spirit relationship with the greater spirit. Human became selfish.

We at Amiways we are trying to explore Honest ways to restore the universe with bit by bit steps. You may please explore more ideas, share your thoughts come let us regenerate our Home together.